A farewell to writers

BlankPage is shutting down.

BlankPage started back in 2014, as a side-project to help my close friend beat his writer’s block. It didn’t work. But many others who tried it benefited from the structured format, and the daily inspirational quotes. This made me want to turn my little project into a real product.

Almost exactly one year later, BlankPage launched. Hundreds of writers jumped onboard, and support has been steady ever since. The road has not always been smooth. Everyone involved has had to learn a lot about running a world wide service. Especially me. But we did learn, and the we solved problems one after the other. BlankPage kept getting better.

Some things didn’t improve though. Laws for digital companies operating within the EU kept increasing the need of administration and back-office work. Not very inspiring, obviously. Recently, new copyright directives was introduced, and honestly it will probably take years until we fully understand how they will affect services like BlankPage. But the stress and worry is already there, and it keeps getting worse.

This is why I’m shutting BlankPage down.

Creating and running this service has been a great adventure for me, and I want to thank each and everyone of you who wrote with BlankPage. Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye.

What happens now?

All subscriptions are being cancelled right now, but you can access BlankPage until July 1st, 2019. After that, all backups and databases will be forever deleted. Don’t forget to download your words!

If you’ve been charged for your subscription recently, I’ll refund you within the next few days.

You should keep writing!

I recommend Ulysses for writing offline, and setting goals based on word counts.

If you’re close to a finished draft, I recommend using Reedsy for formatting and reviewing your work.

I have no doubt these excellent services will keep you inspired.

Thank you again, it’s been an amazing five years.

With love,

What people said about BlankPage

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